Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Dr. Platis believes that above all your nose should fit your face, and that just as no two faces are exactly alike, no two rhinoplasty surgeries are exactly alike. Dr. Platis, like his father before him, is a recognized expert in rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. He takes the time to listen first to your concerns, and then using computer imaging discusses reshaping that will produce your desired result. Perhaps more than any other surgery rhinoplasty can make a very significant improvement to your overall appearance without making it obvious what that change is. Patients often comment that after surgery they receive compliments on their appearance even though the person paying the compliment doesn’t realize what has changed. The art of rhinoplasty surgery is making an improvement without making the improvement obvious.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Many candidates for rhinoplasty are young adults who are bothered by a prominent nose and unflattering profile. Rhinoplasty is also frequently performed for older patients and by shaping the nose the patient is left with a much more youthful and fresh appearance. Patients will also see Dr. Platis regarding a deviated septum which makes it difficult for them to breath freely. He can repair this deviation at the same time as he performs the rhinoplasty.

How It’s Done

There are two approaches used by rhinoplasty surgeons performing rhinoplasty surgery – the open approach and the closed approach. Dr Platis is a recognized expert in both open and closed approaches and will tailor his approach to your particular needs.


After your procedure you will wear a splint for about one week. Nasal packing is rarely necessary, but Vaseline gauze placed against your internal incisions will help for the first two days. Patients often take no pain medications and rarely take them for more than 24 hours. Dr. Platis recommends that you refrain from strenuous activity for 2 weeks, but then you can return to full activity.

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