Structural Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer Injections

Dr Platis is a recognized leader and innovator of fat transfer surgery. Fat can be taken from one area of the body, generally the lower abdomen, hips or thighs, and transferred to another area, generally the face. Larger volume fat transfers can be used for breast or buttock shaping. It is a very safe and effective procedure for filling out areas in the face that have sunken due to age or trauma. Fat grafting can be performed alone and is also frequently performed with facelift or eye lid lift surgery.

Ideal Candidates

For many of our Chicago and Northwest Indiana fat grafting patients volume is lacking in one or more areas of the face such as cheeks, chin, eyes, temples, or around the mouth.  Fat grafting can help by restoring youthful volume to whatever area in which volume is deficient.  Not a lot of fat is needed for the procedure but when Dr. Platis is taking the fat from the stomach or thigh area he can always perform liposuction of that area at the same time.

How It’s Done

The fat is first withdrawn with a syringe and small cannula. The fat is then purified and prepared to be injected into the area that needs correction. The needle used to transfer the fat is small and allows Dr. Platis to be very precise in where he delivers the fat. The new fat then re-vascularizes and survives in it’s new location.

Results and Recovery

The recovery time depends on the amount of fat that is injected. The results are immediate and often times patients are thrilled with their results right away however if there is a greater volume transferred there will be some swelling that takes a few weeks to subside entirely. Once the swelling has subsided the result is a more youthful, healthier appearance.

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