Chin Augmentation and Chin Implants


A chin implant can make a significant difference in the overall shape of a face and especially with the profile. It gives the face a more balanced appearance by augmenting the jaw line to correct a weak or retrusive chin. Chin augmentation is frequently performed with a rhinoplasty, facelift or liposuction.

Ideal Candidates

Patients of all ages are interested in chin augmentation. A weak chin can be due to a congenital deficiency, age related bone absorption, or facial trauma. A weak chin it can make the nose appear larger or give the neck a more “fleshy” appearance. A chin implant or structural fat grafting can bring harmony to the face by bringing things into better balance and proportion.

How It’s Done

Chin enhancement is a fairly quick procedure and is generally performed by making a small, well hid incision below the chin. The implant can be placed through this small incision and there are many different types and sizes of implants that can be used. The implant is made of a solid silicone material that mimics the feel of bone. Dr. Platis will frequently carve the implant to customize it so it is the perfect fit for your face.

Results and Recovery

Your profile will be much improved by a chin augmentation procedure. It helps brings the face into better balance and can also give a more youthful look when combined with a facelift. There will be some tenderness and swelling in the chin area and several sutures to be removed within a week after surgery. Patients can return to work within a few days and most activities within one to two weeks.

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