Brow Lift / Forehead Lift

foreheadsurgeryA brow lift raises heavy, sunken eyebrows and smooths out wrinkles and expression lines across the entire forehead and in between the eyes. A Brow lift is often performed alone or with eyelid and/or facelift surgery to give a more refreshed and youthful appearance. There are many different alternatives for brow lift surgery and Dr. Platis will discuss them all with you and recommend his preference based upon your individual needs and concerns. Dr. Platis performs his brow lifts with minimally invasive techniques with very small and hidden incisions. Dr. Platis’s Northwest Indiana and Chicago brow lift patients are extremely happy with their results and the relative ease of the procedure.

Ideal Candidate for Brow lift

Patients interested in brow lift tend to feel that their upper eyelids or eyebrows feel heavy. Often times there may be excess skin or fullness in the upper lid and frequently the cause for the heavy feeling is also related to the position of their eyebrows. The ideal location for the eyebrow for men is at the level of the bony orbital rim and about half an inch above that for women. If your brow position is below that you may be a good candidate and wish to consider brow lift surgery. If there is also concern with the crow’s feet area this area is often treated better with a botox injection.

How It’s Done

Dr. Platis uses an endoscopic technique with tiny incisions hidden behind the hairline, assuring no visible scars. The skin and muscles are tightened and the eyebrows are lifted through these small incisions to restore a youthful appearance. This is an outpatient procedure that rarely causes any more discomfort than a headache.

Results and Recovery

Your results will leave you looking rejuvenated and younger. By lifting the arch of the eyebrow instead of the entire eyebrow the result leaves you looking more youthful but not at all “startled”. Keeping your head slightly elevated while sleeping for the first few days will help reduce swelling. Your follow up visit to Dr. Platis will be within one week of your procedure. Returning to work and social situations usually takes one week but final results will take several more weeks.

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