Neck Lift

neckliftOften times a necklift is performed in conjunction with facelift surgery. However for some Chicago and Northwest Indiana necklift patients they find that the skin on the neck has started aging before the rest of the face in which case a necklift can be performed alone. The loose or sagging skin around the neck can be removed through well-hidden incisions. If there is some excess fat in the chin and neck area then Dr. Platis will perform liposuction as well to help improve the contour of the neck area.

Ideal Candidates

If you find that you keep reaching for that turtleneck even though it’s warm out you could be a good candidate for a necklift procedure. There are no special exercises or diet that will help the loose, extra, fatty skin in the neck area. Generally the neck changes as we age but for some patients they have inherited that double chin and liposuction with a necklift can help them get the jawline they always wanted.

How It’s Done

There are several different ways to improve the contour of the neck. Sometimes a little liposuction, botox or a chin implant is all that is needed but when there is loose, sagging skin in the area then Dr. Platis will suggest performing a necklift. He uses small incisions, generally under the chin and in the ear area, to allow access to the platysma (neck muscle) so then he can tighten the muscle as well as remove any excess skin.

Results and Recovery

A smooth, clean neck and jawline gives a much more youthful appearance. You will probably have a compression garment around your neck area for the first night that you can remove the day after your procedure. Dr. Platis will see you within a week after surgery to remove any sutures. Most necklift patients take about one week off from work and return to more physical activities in about 3-4 weeks.

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