Mommy Makeover

Patient 1

This patient lost some breast volume with her pregnancies but also lost her waistline.  In addition to the excess fatty tissue, she also had significant laxity of her lower abdominal skin. In the after photos you can see a much better breast shape achieved with breast implants only. Her waistline is much trimmer with a more hourglass figure, no skin laxity, a much flatter tummy, and better balance between her upper and lower body. mommy-makeover-20160928095509189-20160928100844214

Patient 2

Although this patient had nice breast shape after her pregnancies, she always had wanted larger breasts. Her abdomen was relatively flat but the skin was relaxed and there was more fatty tissue than she had before her pregnancies. In the after photos you can see additional breast fullness via breast augmentation using implants, and a tighter, flatter belly which compliments her athletic lifestyle. As a fitness trainer she often gets compliments on her tummy.


Patient 3

This patient lost quite a bit of breast volume as a result of her pregnancies. In addition, her areolas became larger and her breasts dropped a bit, but not enough to require breast lift. Breast augmentation alone provided excellent improvement. If she desired smaller areolas she could have undergone breast lift at the same time. As for her abdomen, you can see that she is very straight-waisted, meaning that her figure is not very curvy. Still, tummy tuck provided excellent improvement in her shape, especially the removal of the loose skin. All of the stretch marks above the belly button are gone and those below the belly button are smoother and less wrinkled.


Patient 4

This patient’s main post pregnancy complaint was the fullness of her abdomen. This was mainly due to the stretching of her muscles which is called rectus diastasis. The improvement obtained with tummy tuck is largely the result of tightening the muscles much like tightening a corset. In addition liposuction around her waistline improved her figure.  As for her breasts, she always had wanted more fullness, even before she had children, so she took this opportunity to enhance her breasts with breast implants and create a more balanced shape.


Patient 5

This patient was able to lose most of her pregnancy weight with the exception of her waistline. She also had a very visible vertical c-section scar below the belly button. Her tummy tuck removed the scar, flattened her tummy, and brought her waistline into better balance with the rest of her body. Her modest breast augmentation helped to further improve that balance.


Patient 6

Although this patient had a rather petite frame, her waistline after pregnancy was much larger than the rest of her. Her after photos show the improvement not only in her overall figure, but also posture.


Patient 7

This patient not only had loss of breast volume with her pregnancies but also relaxation of the breasts to the point where breast lift was required. So in addition to lifting she also had modest breast augmentation using silicone gel implants. As for her abdomen, notice the improvement not only in the flatness of her tummy but also in her posture which was quite sway-backed before surgery. Tightening the abdominal muscles can do quite a bit to help posture and relieve lower back pain.


Patient 8

Once again, this patient underwent breast implant augmentation and lift. Please notice that stretch marks on the breasts before surgery cannot in most cases be fully removed. Nipples are now pointing out rather than down, and her abdomen is much flatter and tighter.


Patient 9

This patient required significant lifting of her breasts along with placement of silicone gel breast implants to improve her size, shape, and areolas. Her tummy tuck tightened her muscles, removed excess skin, and trimmed her waistline.


Patient 10mommy-makeover-20160928095509189-20160928100210743

Patient 11


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