Mommy Makeover

“Mommy makeover” is a common term used to describe cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries performed to correct post pregnancy problems of the breast and abdomen. It may include breast lift and/or augmentation, and tummy enhancement with lipo contouring, often including tummy tuck.

How It’s Done

My approach to this procedure is very much patient dependent. Everyone has a different concept of what they would like their body to look like. Different basic body shapes suggest different treatment plans in order to match the result to the individual patient. However, I feel strongly that this surgery is more restorative than cosmetic. Of course the results are beautiful, but usually the intent is to restore what was there before pregnancy. Sometimes breast surgery requires placement of an implant or fat transfer to restore lost volume. Sometimes a breast lift may be necessary, or a combination of both.

As for the abdomen, my approach is to treat the entire waistline, not just the abdomen. There are multiple changes that often occur post pregnancy. One is laxity of abdominal skin which is often stretched from the pregnancy. Another is relaxation of the abdominal muscles or more specifically stretching of the fascia which causes the muscle to separate. This leads to a fullness in the belly when standing that reduces when lying flat. Lastly, there is often excess fatty tissue around not only the tummy but often in the hips as well. When performing tummy tuck I like to address all three issues. Excess skin is removed, muscles are tightened like an internal girdle, and fat is removed not only from the tummy but the entire waistline. In short, my mommy makeover procedures are a comprehensive restoration of the entire torso. The following photos will help demonstrate my approach.


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