Breast Augmentation

breastThere are many reasons why Dr. Platis is recognized as an expert in breast augmentation in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Dr. Platis Sr was one of the nation’s first plastic surgeons to perform breast augmentation surgery and from as early as the 1960s the Platis name was synonymous with quality breast enhancement surgery in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. During his plastic surgery training Dr. Platis studied in Houston with the doctors who invented the breast implant. Dr. Platis has treated thousands of women with breast implants and will use his vast experience to assist in your procedure.

Ideal Candidates

Women of all ages are interested in breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can address many concerns and is performed for patients who want to correct asymmetry, fill out to a fuller cup size or restore breasts to the way they were prior to a pregnancy or weight loss. It is a very common procedure and once you start to consider breast augmentation you will find that you continue to think about it until you have the procedure done.

Types of Implants

As you may know, in November of 2006 silicone gel implants were released from restrictions on their use by the FDA, giving you two choices for implants: silicone and saline. There are also different profiles available for the implants which can vary with a patient’s breast shape and body type. Dr. Platis will help you choose the best implant for you based on your desired goals.

How It’s Done

Just as no two patients are alike, no two breast augmentation surgeries are alike. Dr. Platis feels that it’s important to first discuss his patients concerns and wishes before suggesting the best technique for her surgery. He feels equally comfortable placing incisions in the inframammary fold, at the edge of the areola, or in the underarm depending on which incision will hide the best and is consistent with the patient’s desires. This will be discussed in detail at your consultation.

Once anesthesia has been administered by the anesthesiologist and the patient is asleep, one of the above listed incisions is made and the implant pocket is developed. Dr. Platis is meticulous in his technique to minimize bruising and post operative discomfort. The pocket is usually placed beneath the pectoralis muscle to give as natural a result as possible. If a saline implant is used, the breast implant is inserted and then inflated with sterile water. In the case of silicone gel the implant is already filled and sealed prior to insertion. The incision is sutured closed with invisible, dissolvable sutures so there is no need for suture removal later. The entire procedure takes about one hour.

Although you will be ready to go home in an hour or so after the procedure you will need to have someone drive you home.

Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Platis always calls his patients on the night following surgery to see if there are any concerns or questions. There are no restrictions regarding arm movements, but it is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for two weeks. After that there are no restrictions at all. Most patients are back to normal activity by the end of the first week after surgery. Dr. Platis will see you several days after surgery, again at about six weeks after surgery, then six months and one year.



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