April 15th  – 19th, 2019

**We are excited to welcome our newest team member, Shellie Cummings to our Indiana office!  Shellie is a Licensed Esthetician and is now taking new patients, please call to reserve an appointment today.

Monday, April 15th

Indiana Office Hours – 9am – 5pm

Tuesday, April 16th

Chicago Office Hours – 10am – 5pm

           Dr James M Platis – 10am – 6pm

           Jennifer Nieves, NP – 10am – 5pm

Indiana Office Hours – 9am – 5pm

Wednesday, April 17th

Dr James M Platis – Broadwest Surgical Center

Case 1 – Bilateral Breast Explantation

Case 2 – Facelift, Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty and Fat Grafting, Breast Implant Exchange

Case 3 – Bedside Excision

Indiana Office Hours – 9am – 5pm

           Jennifer Nieves, NP – 10am – 5pm

Thursday, April 18th

Indiana Office Hours – 9am – 5pm

            Dr James M Platis – 9am – 6pm

            Shellie Cummings, LE – 10am – 5pm

Friday, April 19th

Indiana Office Hours – 9am -5pm

Chicago Office Hours – 10am -5pm

Jennifer Nieves, WHNP – 10am – 5pm

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