Our office does not perform botox on women who are pregnant or breast feeding. While there have not been studies to indicate that this could be harmful in anyway we feel it is better to wait.

Breast implants

The presence of a breast implant should not effect your ability to breast feed. Any form of breast surgery does carry some risk that ducts or nerves could be harmed but this is not a common issue and most woman have success with breast feeding. If you are actively trying to become pregnant Dr. Platis generally recommends that you wait to have your breast augmentation once you have had your baby and are done breast feeding because your breasts can change quite a bit during pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast implants have been shown to have no effect on children.

Tummy tuck

Dr. Platis generally recommends waiting to have your tummy tuck once you are finished having children. That being said, having a tummy tuck will in no way prevent you from getting pregnant but you may find you need a little more tightening once the skin has been stretched out again.

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